Full Service Web Solutions and Software Company Located in Merrimack NH

Our Mission

It is Thingamaweb's mission to create web solutions or custom software that:

  • Exceeds client expectations through superior service, quality workmanship and professionalism
  • Creates solid relationships with our customers through mutual trust and respect

Welcome to ThingaMaWebs

ThingaMaWebs is a web design company located in Merrimack NH serving businesses, community organizations, and individuals in the Merrimack Valley area, Southern New Hampsire and throughout the world. Designing your web presence should not be a hassle. It should be an enjoyable extension of your needs. We understand your problems and can help you today.
With the advent of the internet a whole new world has opened up to help you get your information out to the world. Through the use of text, color and graphics you can create a message that is limited only by your own imagination. Yes, your imagination. We provide the muscle to create your image of your web site but it is still your imagination that fuels that muscle. We will work hand in hand with you to bring your ideas to the world...

What We Do

It may be easier to see what we don't do.
From small projects to large projects for companies such as Kronos™, Millipore™, Fidelity™ and Boyle Transportation™ we give our clients the same attention and commitment.
We provide Web Design, Logo Design, Web Hosting, Software Development, Content Management and many more services all at a reasonable price with a high attention to detail and quality...

Software Solutions

You have a terrific idea but your not a software or web guru. Don't let this stop you. ThingaMaWebs can take your vision from start to finish and provide you with the web designing and software skills you need. In the software industry since 1985 we can take your vision from the drawing board to the Internet with a strong eye on quality...
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Web Site Management

Ok, so you've hired the right web development firm. Your site looks great and customers are buzzing but soon things start to go wrong. You've decided to run things yourself but you just don't have the time. Buttons stop working, page content doesn't get updated and your storefront has broken down. Customers stop visiting your store and revenue is down. ThingaMaWebs will provide custom tailored programs to maintain your site for you from server to content management. See what we have to offer...
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So your Web Site is up and working, customers are visiting your E-commerce pages but something isn't quite right and some products aren't showing up when customers order them. Your web designer is no where to be found and another says they need to redesign your entire site. ThingaMaWebs has all the tools to help you with these issues. We can easily step in and use your existing design, making bug fixes or minor additions and updates leaving your web site in its original condition...
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